• ISS fly by

    This was from last night off the back deck again. I’m really liking these night sky pictures. I was a little late getting the camera all set up so I missed some of the start of the track. It still turned out pretty good though catching the International Space Station traveling above the Big Dipper.

  • The night sky

    This is another picture I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Seems like for the past couple weeks at least the sky would cloud over and I wouldn’t be able to.

    This is a long look at the night sky from our back deck last night. In the middle is Polaris, the North Star, and the other stars rotating around. This is about 90 minutes movement.

  • Cold but bright

    Last night we got some snow and cold temperatures. Enough that some has stuck on the ground. Even though it’s cold today the sun is out and bright, it makes it pretty nice especially if you find a break from the wind.

    This is a cool little place that I found because I would see it as I drove the highway and could see it from an overpass. Figured out there is a rough road / trail that you can access from off the highway. This is taken from a little bridge looking out over the river.

  • Lazy Sunday morning

    Though it isn’t this way all day there have already been a few lazy moments to today. They day started off with my three year old bit waking up I till a quarter past seven. What a lovely treat to just lay in bed after waking up and ease into things.

    But then things got a bit busy with morning routine and off to get pictures with Santa. That didn’t take too long even with an uncertain little one not knowing what to think of this man in red.

    When we got home I was able to sit up with a coffee while he was playing. The dog took advantage of a bit of quiet time as well, even if it was in my preferred seat.

  • Decorated town

    Our town is getting ready for the holiday season and it’s starting to look good. I’ll probably have other pictures as the season goes but for tonight I got the tree and clock.

  • Neighbours

    My 13 year old is doing an interval running program, still early into it. My role is timer basically. I’ll go out and help keep him on track while he’s running.

    This afternoon we were out and I looked over and saw the sun going down behind a neighbours house. We just had our first tiny bit of snow today so I know there’s a long way to go, but I’m looking forward to longer days.

  • Headlight trails

    I’ve been wanting to try this for a while getting the headlight trails of a moving car. I’ve got a good place with a highway overpass that I can set up on.

    I’m not really happy with the results so it will take some time and experimenting. It was really cold out though so I didn’t stay out a super long time.

  • Corner lamp

    I missed taking a picture yesterday. I made it to bed when I realized there was nothing I could post. It was getting pretty close tonight to the same thing.

    As I was getting ready to go to bed I saw the lamp in the corner and the way the light was shining off the wall was looking a bit interesting.

  • Lighted bridge

    With the shorter days I’ve wanted to get better at night photography. I’ll find some new things to photograph but for now I really like this bridge so I may try it out from other angles in the future.

  • Holding on

    The youngest and I were out for a morning walk. It was cool temperatures, so much that it called for hat and mitts.

    The walk was nice though and we had a good time. Walking, running, throwing rocks in the water, hanging out on a bench, and even up on Dads shoulders for some of it.

    This tree was along the trail sitting there tall mostly bare, but a few leaves left hanging on. Some might last the winter, but I’d say next windy day the majority of them will join the rest on the ground.