• Pointless signs

    There haven’t been any trains that run on these tracks for many years. Most of the tracks have been ripped up or buried and made into a trail system.

    So these railway crossing signs are only decorative. I guess that’s not really pointless though is it? They caught my attention with the fields in the background being prepared.

  • Dirty fun, or dirty work

    I guess it’s all about perspective. My youngest is absolutely loving playing this big pile of soil we have. He doesn’t want it to go away, it’s his construction site.

    Then there is me. This pile is not fun at all, it’s all work, and I can’t wait for it to be gone.

    We’re starting over again with our front lawn which involved ripping up what was there and hauling it away, spreading out the new soil over the yard, and the next step is laying sod.

    My youngest was happy to “help” often, raking little piles of the old lawn and loading it on the trailer to take away. Then helping spread the soil, a handful at a time. Mostly he liked playing in it with his trucks and diggers.

  • Willow over pond

    Yesterday we took a bit of a tour of a friends property to see their art and gardens. It was all beautiful and I’m looking forward to go back later in the season to see how things change.

    I’ve always liked weeping willows and the two next to the pond here were really nice.

  • First flight in a long time

    Was able to spend the last week in Orlando with my work team. This was my first trip in a long time.

    It was hard to be away from the family, but it was great to be with my teammates in person.

  • Public Garden Gates

    With a little time to waste I thought I’d be able to go for a little walk through the Public Gardens tonight. I forgot they close just before dusk and ended up missing the opportunity.

    The entrance gates are nice, but still would have preferred to be inside.

  • Sir Sandford Fleming (Dingle) Tower

    We came to hang out in Sir Sandford Fleming park, also known as The Dingle, for a while today. It is a park donated to Halifax by Fleming. He invented Standard time zones.

    My youngest calls this tower a castle and he wanted to come see it again. He knew we were coming and so talked about it all morning. Unfortunately it wasn’t open for us to go up in today, but we still had fun.

  • Shipping yard cranes

    Had some time by myself today and was walking through Point Pleasant Park in Halifax.

    The container cranes were standing tall over the harbour with a sail boat going by and an airplane in the sky behind.

  • Duck Pond?

    After my last couple visits to the playground right next to the town pool, it seems this duck has claimed the pool as it’s pond.

    Still to cold for people, and not yet open to the public for the season, so I guess why not. Make yourself at home, though you may not want to get too comfortable as you’ll likely get chased away soon.

  • Nubble Lighthouse

    We arrived home yesterday after a long weekend family road trip. We drove Boston and back. With two adults, three teenagers, a three year old, and our 70 lb dog, we tried to break up the drive with little stops.

    One stop was at Nubble lighthouse in York Maine. The temperatures weren’t overly warm, but the sun was shining and the scenery was beautiful. Made a great stop to get some ocean air and stretch the legs.

  • Signs of Spring

    Visiting friends today for our annual early Easter egg hunt due to some complicated schedules. They live very close to us and while our yard is still covered in snow they have signs of Spring coming up in theirs.

    This is just one little patch of May crocuses coming up.