• Office window view

    Early this morning, just as it was starting to get light out, this was the view from my home office window.

    It always looks nicer when you’re looking out at it rather then out shovelling it.

  • Public gardens

    One of the downfalls of working in a distributed company is not getting to hang out with the cool people you work with nearly enough. So when a close co-worker ends up in our area for a long weekend I was glad we were able to spend some time together. I hadn’t seen her in person in three years.

    The last time was in Panama so the weather was a bit different than it was today in the Public Gardens, but it was still pretty nice, and the company great.

  • Canadian winter stereotype

    Maybe it’s fading memory but I feel like I don’t see this scene as much as I did when I was younger. It felt like if there was a frozen over body of water people were skating on it.

    Likely climate change is playing a part. Winters don’t seem to have sustained cold like we used to. I don’t think I’d feel brave enough to jump out on this ice right now. Not that I was ever much of a skater. I much preferred a good game of road hockey, even if it meant constantly moving nets for cars.

  • Gold medal

    Today my sons basketball team, who I help coach, played in the playoffs for our league season. We played two tough games but came out the champions of Division 2!

  • Foggy tree lined driveway

    It was really foggy out on my lunch time dog walk. It made things look a bit different then normal, and had the dog on edge a bit because he couldn’t always see things that sounded close by.

    This tree lined driveway has always made me a bit envious. Having an almost covered path from the main road down to your home when they’re full of leaves. Though I wouldn’t really want to be responsible for clearing the snow from it in the winter.

    This was a driveway years ago but then sat just as an unused path for at least a decade. Until recently when a new home was built on the property and they fixed it back up to use again.

  • Day One Web

    This is a bit of a prideful post. For over a year now my team at work has been working on a project and we launched it to the public today.

    Day One has been around for a long time but as journaling apps for Mac, iPhone, and Android my team has been building a web version to help make it available to more people. There’s still lots to do but this is a big step and I’m proud of the work we’ve all done.

  • Smart trainer

    For Christmas this year I received a new smart bike trainer. I ran into some issues with it so wasn’t able to use it. Thankfully the company was great and I ended up with a new one just a couple of days ago.

    For the last two days I’ve been able to get some short rides in on it to test it out. So far I’m really enjoying it. Going or virtual rides while it’s snowy and cold out. Right from my cluttered home office.

  • Wreath through the window

    It’s a freezing blustery day. We’ve broken recorded windchill temperatures so it’s been quick trips out with the dog and that’s it. Despite that they have been a few moments where it has looked pretty bright out.

    During one of these bright periods the light coming in around the snow covered wreath, with the pattern of the window, caught my attention and it looked cool.

  • Golden dog

    This guy Oakley usually loves the cold, when it’s snowing it’s his favourite thing.

    This morning he must be feeling different because he’s curled up on the only section with sunshine and just relaxing.

  • Frosty leaf on salty road

    Seems like it wasn’t long that I got over the last bout of what ever, now I’m waking up again coming down with something new.

    The cold air actually felt good on the walk, but even on the short loop I lost my energy quickly.

    On the route was this frosty leaf lying in the sun on the salty road.