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  • Golden dog

    This guy Oakley usually loves the cold, when it’s snowing it’s his favourite thing. This morning he must be feeling different because he’s curled up on the only section with sunshine and just relaxing.

  • Lazy Sunday morning

    Though it isn’t this way all day there have already been a few lazy moments to today. They day started off with my three year old bit waking up I till a quarter past seven. What a lovely treat to just lay in bed after waking up and ease into things. But then things got…

  • Wet, dark, dog walk

    It’s been raining off and on most of the day. Shortly after supper I took the dog out for a walk as it seemed like it had stopped. It hadn’t, but it wasn’t very heavy. The street lights were reflecting off the wet pavement and it was like a mist in the air. The temperatures…

  • Good boy

    Went for a walk with my friend tonight down the trail. Had him stop and pose for me after a bit of the energy was spent.