Tag: fall

  • Bald eagle

    We were out for a walk as a family and with some friends this afternoon, it is a beautiful autumn day. Walking through wooded trails this time of year is so enjoyable for me. The sound of the crunchy leaves as you go is somehow very pleasant. As we were getting close to the end…

  • Up around the bend

    A few of us in the house went out for an evening walk tonight. I guess I delayed things a bit too much as it gets dark so early now. We didn’t go as far as I’d have liked as the trail was darker then I imagined. As you’re coming out of the trail there…

  • Changing leaf

    This was a quick photo taken earlier today. It’s a leaf from the tree in our front yard. When you look at the tree as a whole the colours look beautiful. But when you look at one leaf it looks like or sad.

  • New route view

    After exploring the new short trail the other day which has this old rail bridge I figured it would be nice to incorporate it into a running route. Think I made a decent 5K one that I’ve ran the past couple days. This was a view from that trail today.

  • Tunnel

    We went apple picking today and off the path to the orchard was this tunnel. It had a young maple tree in front of it in great fall colours.

  • Good boy

    Went for a walk with my friend tonight down the trail. Had him stop and pose for me after a bit of the energy was spent.

  • Autumn reflections

    Just slightly off the route home after school drop off there is this beautiful spot. We often walk along the river as there an old trail that follows it. Especially in autumn the colours make it a stunning walk.

  • Fallen tree reflection

    Took a nice autumn walk on a river trail with family and friends today. The trees are starting to turn colours and the temperature getting crisp. I’ve been posting mostly black and white photos, but with these fall colours that’s probably going to change. The reflection here with this fallen tree over a part of…