Tag: field

  • Birthday run views

    Made it out for a run this morning, figure I need to preemptively make up for the birthday treats I’ll have today. The sun was shining bright and the light on this field and the old fence line that follows along the river some.

  • Foggy morning

    Had a early start today to take my 13 year old to a cross country race. A lot of the drive was foggy but it made for some cool views. This tree stood close to the track for today.

  • Frosty field sunrise

    It was a chilly morning walk with our dog this morning. We went down a trail we don’t take very often and at one point you can exit into this field. It was covered in frost, but I doubt it will last long with the sun coming up.

  • Hay across the field

    I’ve always liked how hay bales look resting in the fields this time of year. I would have liked to have them more in the foreground but there will be more fields throughout the autumn.