Tag: Kentville

  • Decorated town

    Our town is getting ready for the holiday season and it’s starting to look good. I’ll probably have other pictures as the season goes but for tonight I got the tree and clock.

  • Lighted bridge

    With the shorter days I’ve wanted to get better at night photography. I’ll find some new things to photograph but for now I really like this bridge so I may try it out from other angles in the future.

  • Bridge at night

    The time has changed so it gets dark much earlier now. May have to do some work to get good at night photography. This bridge crosses a river to go into a marsh land trail. It was hard to get a good angle without branches or bushes in the way. It is a beautiful night…

  • Train mural

    This may be my favourite mural that was added as part of this years town mural festival. Though we don’t have any trains anymore the station here used to have the town busy. The main rain line has been turned into a multi use trail now that I spend a fair bit of time on.…

  • Hometown center court

    This town logo must be a relatively new addition to the outdoor basketball court. It’s been a little bit since I’ve been down to it, but I don’t remember it being there last time. My 13 year old and I took the three year old down to the playground while the older played around here…

  • Overpass graffiti

    Finished work today at a time that made it so I could bike to a fundraising event. This is from the ride home with the trail going under the overpass. I’ve stopped here a few times before. It’s great if it’s raining as you can get out of it for a break. It’s also great…

  • Birthday run views

    Made it out for a run this morning, figure I need to preemptively make up for the birthday treats I’ll have today. The sun was shining bright and the light on this field and the old fence line that follows along the river some.

  • Retaining wall

    This wall holds back a hill from falling into a parking lot that was likely carved out of it. I’ve parked in this lot often and never really noticed the wall in the back corner before. Maybe it was the colourful leaves all around that drew me to it today.

  • Gloomy river run

    Kind of a gloomy overcast day so back to the black and white as it seems fitting. It was misty but not yet raining while out for a run. Stopped very briefly to get this picture near a bend in the river.

  • Frosty field sunrise

    It was a chilly morning walk with our dog this morning. We went down a trail we don’t take very often and at one point you can exit into this field. It was covered in frost, but I doubt it will last long with the sun coming up.