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  • Smoke on the water

    My thirteen year old had a basketball clinic away from home today so we had to get in the road fairly early. It was frosty this morning with lots of fog. On the drive in whenever we past water it was covered with a foggy smoke. If we weren’t on a time crunch I would…

  • Lake at dusk

    Someday I would love to have a cottage on either the ocean or on a lake. There is something so peaceful about it. Even just standing at the side of this lake tonight was a great way to start winding down the day. But if I had my own place that I could sit back…

  • Still lake

    On the way home from a kid drop off I stopped to take a look at the lake. The water level is down a lot from usual. We have a lot of rain in the near forecast so it will likely come up some. But for tonight it was calm and peaceful.