Tag: night

  • ISS fly by

    This was from last night off the back deck again. I’m really liking these night sky pictures. I was a little late getting the camera all set up so I missed some of the start of the track. It still turned out pretty good though catching the International Space Station traveling above the Big Dipper.

  • The night sky

    This is another picture I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Seems like for the past couple weeks at least the sky would cloud over and I wouldn’t be able to. This is a long look at the night sky from our back deck last night. In the middle is Polaris, the North Star,…

  • Headlight trails

    I’ve been wanting to try this for a while getting the headlight trails of a moving car. I’ve got a good place with a highway overpass that I can set up on. I’m not really happy with the results so it will take some time and experimenting. It was really cold out though so I…

  • Lighted bridge

    With the shorter days I’ve wanted to get better at night photography. I’ll find some new things to photograph but for now I really like this bridge so I may try it out from other angles in the future.

  • Wet, dark, dog walk

    It’s been raining off and on most of the day. Shortly after supper I took the dog out for a walk as it seemed like it had stopped. It hadn’t, but it wasn’t very heavy. The street lights were reflecting off the wet pavement and it was like a mist in the air. The temperatures…

  • Partial lunar eclipse

    This morning there was a total lunar eclipse. I was out early ready with my tripod and phone going to get a picture. Things were looking pretty good. The partial eclipse started and I had a good view from my back deck. Not long after though the clouds came in. For a while I thought…

  • Bridge at night

    The time has changed so it gets dark much earlier now. May have to do some work to get good at night photography. This bridge crosses a river to go into a marsh land trail. It was hard to get a good angle without branches or bushes in the way. It is a beautiful night…

  • Moon, Jupiter, Clouds, & Light

    The sky was looking really cool tonight. I love the textures the clouds have with the moon and Jupiter in behind. My previous team at work we named Jupiter and so this planet always makes me have good memories of great people.