Tag: river

  • Cold but bright

    Last night we got some snow and cold temperatures. Enough that some has stuck on the ground. Even though it’s cold today the sun is out and bright, it makes it pretty nice especially if you find a break from the wind. This is a cool little place that I found because I would see…

  • Lighted bridge

    With the shorter days I’ve wanted to get better at night photography. I’ll find some new things to photograph but for now I really like this bridge so I may try it out from other angles in the future.

  • Old New Orleans Map

    New Orleans holds a special place on my heart. Due to some chance circumstances it’s where my Wife and I were married. On a river boat, on the Mississippi River, in New Orleans. Back a number of years ago I was trying to find something to put on my office wall and ran across someone…

  • Bridge at night

    The time has changed so it gets dark much earlier now. May have to do some work to get good at night photography. This bridge crosses a river to go into a marsh land trail. It was hard to get a good angle without branches or bushes in the way. It is a beautiful night…

  • Birthday run views

    Made it out for a run this morning, figure I need to preemptively make up for the birthday treats I’ll have today. The sun was shining bright and the light on this field and the old fence line that follows along the river some.

  • Under the bridge

    Spending the weekend at a basketball tournament with my thirteen year old son. We have to drive over this bridge to get to the school it’s held in. In the summers we have gone tubing down this river. This is where you get in a large tire inner tube and float down the river. This…

  • Gloomy river run

    Kind of a gloomy overcast day so back to the black and white as it seems fitting. It was misty but not yet raining while out for a run. Stopped very briefly to get this picture near a bend in the river.

  • Autumn reflections

    Just slightly off the route home after school drop off there is this beautiful spot. We often walk along the river as there an old trail that follows it. Especially in autumn the colours make it a stunning walk.

  • Fallen tree reflection

    Took a nice autumn walk on a river trail with family and friends today. The trees are starting to turn colours and the temperature getting crisp. I’ve been posting mostly black and white photos, but with these fall colours that’s probably going to change. The reflection here with this fallen tree over a part of…