Tag: running

  • Birthday run views

    Made it out for a run this morning, figure I need to preemptively make up for the birthday treats I’ll have today. The sun was shining bright and the light on this field and the old fence line that follows along the river some.

  • Sea worn tree

    My thirteen year old son had his final cross country race today. It was the beautiful Point Pleasant Park with lots of great treed paths and this part which opened up to the harbour. It is also the last day before I head back to work after an extended leave and I was so happy…

  • A bit of calm

    Today was a stressful day. It felt busy, hectic, and things just didn’t go right. Even my run where I took this picture. It took me a long time to find a good time to fit in a run but I really needed one. Finally got ready to go out and it started pouring rain…

  • Foggy morning

    Had a early start today to take my 13 year old to a cross country race. A lot of the drive was foggy but it made for some cool views. This tree stood close to the track for today.

  • New route view

    After exploring the new short trail the other day which has this old rail bridge I figured it would be nice to incorporate it into a running route. Think I made a decent 5K one that I’ve ran the past couple days. This was a view from that trail today.

  • Cross country

    My thirteen year old son had his first cross country race for middle school today. He had been practicing and doing well at home. In the race he came in seventh overall and first for his school. Really proud.