Tag: tree

  • Decorated town

    Our town is getting ready for the holiday season and it’s starting to look good. I’ll probably have other pictures as the season goes but for tonight I got the tree and clock.

  • Holding on

    The youngest and I were out for a morning walk. It was cool temperatures, so much that it called for hat and mitts. The walk was nice though and we had a good time. Walking, running, throwing rocks in the water, hanging out on a bench, and even up on Dads shoulders for some of…

  • Sea worn tree

    My thirteen year old son had his final cross country race today. It was the beautiful Point Pleasant Park with lots of great treed paths and this part which opened up to the harbour. It is also the last day before I head back to work after an extended leave and I was so happy…

  • Old trees

    This tree is one of a few big old trees on the first property in our sub division. Before they divided up their land there was a long driveway which had these trees lining it. Most of them are gone now to make way for the new homes which have gone up. I’m glad there…

  • Foggy morning

    Had a early start today to take my 13 year old to a cross country race. A lot of the drive was foggy but it made for some cool views. This tree stood close to the track for today.

  • Changing leaf

    This was a quick photo taken earlier today. It’s a leaf from the tree in our front yard. When you look at the tree as a whole the colours look beautiful. But when you look at one leaf it looks like or sad.

  • No trespassing

    This is a tree and sign that I’ve seen a bunch of times and it always looks interesting to me. Old tree that has been used to try and keep people out of private property. There is the obvious sign but also barbed wire fence around the base. With the holes, age, and fungus growing…