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  • Neighbours

    My 13 year old is doing an interval running program, still early into it. My role is timer basically. I’ll go out and help keep him on track while he’s running. This afternoon we were out and I looked over and saw the sun going down behind a neighbours house. We just had our first…

  • Corner lamp

    I missed taking a picture yesterday. I made it to bed when I realized there was nothing I could post. It was getting pretty close tonight to the same thing. As I was getting ready to go to bed I saw the lamp in the corner and the way the light was shining off the…

  • Hometown center court

    This town logo must be a relatively new addition to the outdoor basketball court. It’s been a little bit since I’ve been down to it, but I don’t remember it being there last time. My 13 year old and I took the three year old down to the playground while the older played around here…

  • Swish

    Basketball is a big part of our lives. My son plays and I help coach his teams. We also like watching basketball when we can. We had practice tonight and this was one of his warm up shots. I tried my hand at some phot editing from my phone. Not super happy with how it…

  • Previous fence

    It was a rainy day, mostly light, but a bit heavy during some of the walk tonight. I’ve tried taking pictures of this pile of old fence posts a few times as I really liked the fence and even as a pile they look interesting. When these posts were actually a fence we had our…

  • Under the bridge

    Spending the weekend at a basketball tournament with my thirteen year old son. We have to drive over this bridge to get to the school it’s held in. In the summers we have gone tubing down this river. This is where you get in a large tire inner tube and float down the river. This…

  • Web browsing

    As I was coming back into the house this morning I caught a glimpse of someone’s hard overnight work. It’s another wet overcast day so far but that helped highlight web.

  • Gloomy river run

    Kind of a gloomy overcast day so back to the black and white as it seems fitting. It was misty but not yet raining while out for a run. Stopped very briefly to get this picture near a bend in the river.

  • Baxter’s Harbour

    Went and explored Baxter’s Harbour today at low tide with some friends. It’s along the Bay of Fundy with the highest tides in the world. At high tide the ground in this picture and most of this rock arch / bridge is all under water.

  • Georges Island

    Looking out to Georges Island in the Halifax Harbour. One day I’d like to visit the island itself as I’ve never been.