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  • Old railway bridge

    Went and explored a trail I hadn’t been on before even though it’s pretty close to home. It’s fairly short but some nice views including this old railway bridge.

  • Bunnyville

    Had a hard time choosing a picture from today. I don’t think this odd the best picture I took today but I’ve always liked this little rabbit enclosure. It’s cute with the street scape of Wolfville and the population joke sign.

  • Cross country

    My thirteen year old son had his first cross country race for middle school today. He had been practicing and doing well at home. In the race he came in seventh overall and first for his school. Really proud.

  • First date

    I’ve taken a lot of pictures of Blomidon but this view is one of my favourites. This is the place my wife and I had our first date 20 years ago. Every time I walk through here I’m so thankful for that night and our lives since.

  • Scot’s Bay

    Last night our province was hit with hurricane Fiona. Thankfully our area faired much better then other areas. We were without power for around 12 hours, mostly through the night, with trees, branches, and leaves down. The wind and rain made it a long night without much sleep so as things cleared up I took…

  • Roadside stream

    This is a spot I drive past many times a week and it often catches my eye. It’s the overflow runoff from a lake right on the side of the road with lily pads and marshy land.

  • Wolfville reservoir park

    After kid drop off today the three year old and I went for a walk around Wolfville reservoir park. It’s an off leash dog park and he gets a kick out of all the dogs running and having fun. One dog we didn’t know kept coming up and getting me to throw her toy into…

  • Still lake

    On the way home from a kid drop off I stopped to take a look at the lake. The water level is down a lot from usual. We have a lot of rain in the near forecast so it will likely come up some. But for tonight it was calm and peaceful.

  • Rainy day coffee

    Today has been a rainy dreary kind of day. Took a bit of time to sit by the window listening to the rain with a good coffee.

  • Hay across the field

    I’ve always liked how hay bales look resting in the fields this time of year. I would have liked to have them more in the foreground but there will be more fields throughout the autumn.